The economy has brought challenges to many organizations.  Some may face a reduced work force, increased work load and responsibilities or no pay raises. PRSA Public Relations Tactics recently published an article written by Alice Grey Harrison offering information on how combating this seemingly negative business climate, suggesting organizations engage their employees to create a more content, productive and loyal workforce.

According to a study by Kenexa, engaged employees offer 71 percent less voluntary turnover, 60 percent higher performance quality and are 29 percent more productive.  Those statistics prove that having a business climate that engages employees is essential to reaching organizational goals and being successful. These tips from Alice Harrison, can help take you there:

  1. Evaluate your current tools.  Ask yourself if you have the right people on your team and adequate resources.  If there are gaps or changes that need to be made, work as a team to develop a plan to implement a solution.
  2. Connect employees to values.  Act on the values of your company.  If the higher ranking members of your organization practice the values in your mission statement, other employees with adopt this behavior as well.  After all people need to feel good about where they work in order to feel fully engaged.
  3. Open the lines of communication.  Communication is a two-way street.  Don’t just talk to your employees, listen.  Hear what they have to say, take in their feedback and perhaps implement their suggestions
  4. Live the Brand. Organizations spend a great deal of time and money on external branding, but the biggest brand ambassadors are your employees, not your image.  Employees are the driving force behind the brand, and they are the ones who deliver the results.
  5. Remember that your message matters.  In the age of information overload, what you say matters much more than where you say it.  Think about your content, and select the best medium to reach your employees, so that you effectively reach them.  Also, follow up your messages with face-to-face meetings.


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