There are few surprises about those of us who consider ourselves “newsies.”  We are simply addicted to information! And I should know, because I am one of the addicts.

We have a touch of gray around the temples, tend to skew male, but only by a few percentage points, and if you are jogging alongside us, we are listening to talk radio or wnewsieatching cable news on our treadmill screens and handheld devices.

Yes we are fit: mind and body.  We are making a decent living thanks to our many years of education.  Those long nights of studying probably contributed to our dependence on coffee, and our love of books which we are now reading on our various tablets.  We are also curious and addicted to research.  We “google” everything, from finding the best restaurants for dinner to ordering the best wines to add to our fine wine collection.

And when we are not working or tuned to the news, you will find us gardening as we like our lawns to be perfectly groomed, at a sporting event as we love to support our favorite professional team, or buying the latest piece of technology so we have every possible means of staying on top of the NEWS!