As most organizations and professionals are prone to do, we spend a bit time at the end of the year crunching the numbers to better understand what projects worked, what didn’t did not work as well, and where we want to focus our energies in the coming year.  It’s not rocket science, but even a few actionable insights will help us do what we do better, serving both our client and media outlet partners more effectively and efficiently.

We were fortunate to work with a range of clients, on a diverse mix of projects, representing most major news categories.  But what made the news and was ultimately heard by the most listeners?  Did it play out as stations predicted back at the start of 2012?  Well, yes, to some degree, several of our top reaching radio media tours and audio news release campaigns did pertain to the practical information concerning the economy as well as the presidential election.  But the stories that resonated went beyond those topics.  In the spring, we probed radio stations for further insights to guide our efforts with our partners. We indeed saw the power of great interviews with knowledgeable, relatable spokespeople offering need-to-know information.  In addition, those projects that offered a local angle to add relevancy and news urgency also tended to do better.

While the environment was barely mentioned in the presidential election, the topic did have traction if it offered personally relevant information on somewhat esoteric topics, like climate change, or, offered folks practical, easy ways to take responsibility for the environment in which they live.  In fact, that personal responsibility theme can be applied more broadly to topics that fell outside of the general news cycle.  Stories that offered listeners interesting and worthy food-for-thought, and usable information that will stay with them, did resonate with stations.

It was a fascinating year in the news and we’ll incorporate these reflections as we support our partners and strengthen our pitches. And, of course, the prognosticators have already published what they believe will be the key news topics for 2013.  If you missed our summary post, check out what the news of 2013 is forecasted to be.