Think you know what country music listeners are like?  People may have stereotypes of a “typical” country radio listener, but Arbitron’s Radio Today will help dispel those stereotypes and detail what country-musiccountry music fans are actually like.Country music fans love home improvement, with a quarter of them spending money on their homes in the last year.  But they’re not just homebodies.  96% report going out to a restaurant in the last month, with 14% of those visits to an upscale restaurant.

Think they’re only watching CMT on television?  They’re actually kid-friendly in their television viewing, with ABC Family and Disney ranking highest among cable networks, and TLC ranking third.

They enjoy concerts and sporting events, with 40% of them going to professional sporting events in the last 12 months.  But it’s not just country concerts they’re attending, they’re actually more likely to have gone to a rock concert than a country concert in the last year.

With younger artists like Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton hitting the country charts, the younger audience is now on the rise in country radio with “new country” stations popping up across the spectrum.  This shift toward younger audiences can be seen with their favorite online brand, which isn’t, but Facebook.

In this country audience, the proportion of listeners with a college degree has risen at a rate of 26% the last decade, and the percentage of country listeners residing in households making $75,000 or more has risen more than 50 percent since 2002. That is one of the most significant shifts in all formats.


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