By now, most businesses and organizations have gotten cozy with social media. It’s straight forward to post a status updating followers and subscribers, but when it comes to posting media such as pictures and video, it gets tricky. Lisa Buyer of PRESSfeed, a social media newsroom, hosted a webinar encompassing all aspects of what goes into a social media post. The hour long webinar titled, “The Power of Visual PR and Social Content” featured Sally Falkow, a digital PR and social media strategist.Social Media Icons

Falkow and Buyer covered social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and delved into the DIY world of Pinterest. The main point stressed throughout the webinar was the positive outcomes that can come from posting relevant content, and posting it correctly. Falkow explained that it is crucial to have some sort of visual content for online marketing. Whether this means pictures, video or infographics, these types of media can generate double the amount of viewership. Text updates that include photos average 180 percent more viewer than updates that are text only.

One key principle when dealing with multiple media platforms is to be aware of the variety of content that is being posted. Falkow clarified that the same image should not be posted on all platforms. This rule of thumb applies to your subscribers. If a subscriber follows Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr of an organization, they will be less likely to stay subscribed if the same content is showing up on all platforms.

If your Facebook “likes” and comments seem to be lacking, it may be time to evaluate your content. The content needs to be exclusive to the post and time frame. Media is meant to articulate your message, and for the right content to be posted at the appropriate place. Buyer explains that you are only going to get responses if the content is good and consistently posted.

Falkow used Lexus as an exemplar Facebook which has done everything correctly. The profile, cover and tagged pictures are all harmonious. The colors and design of the pictures are unified, and the aesthetic of Lexus’ Facebook is the standard to which most companies Facebook’ should appear.

Another topic was video, in which, Red Bull was used as an example. As the definition of thrill seeker, it is no surprise Red Bull’s YouTube channel has over a million subscribers. The videos the company releases consistently get high remarks because the content is good and the videos are posted frequently. Buyer explained that although Red Bull has a high budget for their movies, a high budget is not imperative for a successful social media campaign. She countered Red Bull with Blendtec’s viral “Will It Blend?” videos. Unlike Red Bull, Blendtec’s videos are very low budget but also harness millions of views.

As for the future of social media, Falkow foresees social media growing in the common workplace. She says companies should be looking at social media from a publisher-editor angle, in which the focus is posting quality content, posting it often, and in the right place, so viewers remain interested.