In the world of communications, the Radio Media Tour is a tried and true media relations tactic that still holds up well on both sides of the communications equation, with both communicators and the media.  That said, it’s not always the right tool to deploy and we are often asked to review when radio media tours make sense, versus when another media relations tactic, such as an audio news release.  And in this current world where there are so many more communications tools available, and so little time to plan and execute, we thought it would be helpful to review the basics.

By definition, a radio media tour is a series of back-to-back radio interviews that
allows your spokesperson to be interviewed by multiple radio stations and/or networks within a few hours.  Your expert interacts directly with radio reporters
and this maximizes on-air time for your spokesperson, typically three to four
minutes per interview.

If your issue is a little more involved and warrants more explanation than 160 word/one minute release can contain — issues like new medical treatment options, a multi-faceted financial or high tech story or an issue discussed as theSoundboard Microphone focus of a television documentary — a radio media tour is the best option.  That way spokespeople can really interact with reporters to provide more explanation and maximize their on-air time.

Do you have multiple key message points that are prioritized differently depending on the radio audience or geographic area of the country?  Perhaps you’ve done a survey and it yielded five important takeaways, but those points have different importance and implications depending upon the specific radio audience?  If so, a radio media tour can capitalize on those differences, offering the most customized message for the appropriate listeners.

In the end, with a radio media tour it comes down to a basic quality versus quantity decision.  You’ll get fewer radio station/network placements than with an audio news release, but the coverage you receive for your spokesperson, organization, and message, will be more in-depth and typically longer in duration.  Please visit our website to find out more about this media relations service, how to prepare for a tour, and watch a radio media tour video.