At the beginning of January, we made a New Year’s resolution and we not only kept it, but did so, well beyond our expectations. As you may recall, we took a bit of a different approach. The prevailing wisdom with resolutions these days is that if you do something for others, rather than just for yourself, you are more likely to succeed because the return is two-fold. The recipient is helped and you feel good by helping. And, to further insure success, if you tackle a resolution with others, you are more accountable and much more likely to succeed. Well, the strategy worked and WE ALL did it together!

We began by doing what we do best, media relations. We reached out to Feeding America, the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity, to offer our public service announcement service. We chose January because unfortunately, while giving is generous at the holidays, hunger is an issue that persists year-round. The team at Feeding America helped us craft the right messaging. Then, we FeedingAmericaLogo2produced a set of radio PSAs, and directly pitched 150 radio stations and networks and via email, reached an additional 850 stations and networks with a cover letter and scripts. We shared the astounding statistic that more than 50 million people in America – one in six – including nearly 17 million children, are food insecure,. As we move into the long winter months, it’s important to remember hunger doesn’t take a holiday. Our goal was to reach at least ten million radio listeners with this campaign.

Thank you to the many stations, networks and other supporters who participated, because you truly made a difference. With your collective donation of airtime and effort, we reached more than 14 million radio listeners with nearly 3,000 PSA airings, across nearly 350 stations. Stephanie Rath, director of marketing at Feeding America was thrilled to hear the results, “This is tremendous. What a generous gift of time and expertise, that has clearly made a measurable impact on driving awareness for the critical issue of hunger.”

Of course, the need persists in local communities across America, but your support goes far, as each $1 donated to Feeding America helps provide eight meals on behalf of local food banks to those at risk of hunger. To find out how you or your station or network can continue to help this very worthy cause, please visit