The alarm goes off at 3:00 a.m. and by 5:00 a.m. millions of radio listeners are tuning in to hear: “Hi, this is Gordon Deal. The Wall Street Journal This Morning starts right after this.”

Before the sun has come up, Gordon Deal has taken his audience around the world.  The journey begins in the newsroom of the Wall Street Journal, but within minutes reporters are checking in with him from the streets of Cairo, the floor of the Senate, or the basketball court inside Madison Square Garden.

Every morning is a thrill for Deal, who loves to connect with captivating guests and to take apart complex issues to make them understandable, meaningful and relevant to his audience.  The job is a three step process: listen, learn and inform. “Our goal,” Deal says, “is to entertain with information, to empower by introducing new ideas and trends, to present different points of view and, when Gordan Deal for Dow Jones

The “Wall Street Journal This Morning” was created in 2002 with value in mind.  From the very start, the concept behind the program was to reach radio listeners with fresh, new information that is simple, succinct, and as Deal says, “snappy.”  That includes guest interviews.  Deal conducts dozens of interviews each week, but only gives airtime to those who can bring a unique perspective to an issue.

The “Wall Street Journal This Morning” is heard on more than 200 stations across the United States.  Deal has been hosting the program for nearly eight years.  He was working in the newsroom of the Wall Street Journal when he was offered the job.  Before that, his on air work included time on both WCBS-AM and WINS-AM in New York, and as New York City bureau chief for Metro Networks, his reports aired live on WOR-AM and WABC-AM.

Deal didn’t waste any time getting into radio.  When he was a student at Rutgers University, he realized his love of sports and travel made him the perfect candidate to become a play-by-play announcer for his student-run radio station.  That eventually led to a news job at his hometown radio station “The Voice of Central New Jersey” on WCTC-AM.  He always had an appreciation for 1450 WCTC, after all that’s where he could hear that all important list of school closings – valuable content to a youngster!

Today, Deal has two youngsters of his own.  He’s a soccer dad, enjoys whitewater rafting and fishing with his wife and children.