In radio promotions, particularly the rare ones that are not “pay to play” but instead rely almost exclusively on the prize, what does it take to secure solid mentipromotionsons?  Simply put, you need highly desirable prizes.  And this doesn’t mean super high end, all-expenses-paid-trips-of-a-lifetime.  This means really thinking about the target audience’s needs and interests AND about the radio stations and what THEY need to underscore their value to this listening audience.  Put yourself in their shoes. What would get you excited?  Looking to reach or please college-age kids?  What about free, loaded laptops or Xbox Live Gold memberships?  These both worked for Microsoft promotions we’ve done.  Of course, cash is king.  Things like gift cards will work if they aren’t complicated by attached strings.  Tickets work well too as long, as they are for a music act or sports team that the listener actually cares about and can’t get easily elsewhere.  Bleacher seats for the bottom feeder team won’t cut it.  Finally, often the best prizes are those that can’t be purchased anywhere. It’s the one-of-a-kind experience that’s tailor made for the target audience.  These often take some creativity and persistence to put together, but if the stations can take part too, like an exclusive opportunity for a fan to interview his music hero one-on-one, that, as they say, is priceless.

Of course having the right prize is just the start.  Stay tuned…


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