Summer is typically not the time communicators think of for full on media campaigns, or launching major initiatives. However, it is a great time to get the word out for a number of different reasons.  First, since newsrooms are not as jammed with pitch after pitch, there is greater opportunity to cut through the clutter and get your pitch heard.

Second, contrary to popular belief, radio listenership numbers are as strong in the summer as they are during otherRadio-on-beach seasons of the year.  They are just different in terms of how and where consumers are listening from.  They may not seated at office desks or in classrooms, but they are traveling to and from that long-awaited summer vacation or “working” remotely. They are listening wherever they go.  Have a great trend piece you would like to get out there?  Some strong back to school news? Now is the time to get out there.

According to The RADAR Report issued by Arbitron in June, 2013, radio now reaches 242.5 million listeners, or 92 percent of persons, age 12 and older, on an average weekly basis.  And, the overall radio audience has grown by more than 430,000 weekly listeners since June 2012. Why not tap into that growing audience? People that are 12 and older who listen to radio spend approximately two hours and 36 minutes a day listening.

Here are some other great stats to tap into from the June 2013 RADAR Report:

  • Radio’s Hispanic audience aged 12 and older added 492,000 weekly listeners versus the June 2012 RADAR report. Radio reaches nearly 95 percent of Hispanic listeners aged 12 and older in an average week.
  • Hispanic adults aged 18 to 49 showed the largest gains, adding 600,000 weekly listeners versus the year ago report.
  • Radio now reaches 30.8 million Black (non-Hispanic) listeners, age 12 and older, in an average week, or 92 percent of this demographic.
  • Radio’s Black (non-Hispanic) teen audience aged 12 to 17 remained steady versus the June 2012 report. Radio now reaches 90 percent of Black (non-Hispanic) teens in an average week.

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