Salvador España lives in Chicago, IL and he currently works with 24/7 News Metro Source en Español, where he provides news services to radio stations across the country.  He mentioned that day by day he covers many topics including: the economy, immigration, education, politics, sports, and entertainment. He believes that every news item needs to be relevant to the Hispanic community and interesting to the individual Latino listener.

Salvador said:  “In our industry (Spanish-language radio) we focus mostly on stories related to Hispanics in the United Salvador Espana MetroSourceEspanolStates and what happens in our Latin American countries of origin. We have to inform to our audience on what’s happening here and what’s happening in their countries.”

Salvador is very passionate about what he does. When he talks about why loves the radio industry he said, “Working in radio is something that makes me feel closer to my people. So, I really enjoy participating in as co-producer and co-host of Talking in HD2. (Alta Definición Dos) We share interviews with people on different themes, music and we are always looking for new stories related to them  I feel that I am connected to my roots.”

Throughout the day, when he is producing his newscasts and the live show, he uses multiple media resources including the Internet and material pitched by third parties, such as media relations firms. He is always looking for more and more for audience who he believes is very smart and hungry for quality. Also, the Latino audience is insatiable; they want to know everything they can on topics of interest. For that reason he says he must be very prepared and learn everything before he tells them the story.

Finally, when we asked him what last thought would he like to leave with our followers, he replied: “¡Intentemos ser felices siempre!” (Let’s try to be happy always!).

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