A recent study from the Pew Research Hispanic Center says that a growing share of Hispanics is getting their news in English.  In 2012, 82% of Hispanic adults said they got at least some ofspanish their news in English. That figure is up from 78% in 2006. And also changing is the percent that get their news in both languages.  In 2012, 50% of Hispanic adults said they get their news in both languages, down from 57% in 2010.  It follows that there is an increase in share of Hispanics who say they get their news only in English (32% in 2012) and a corresponding decline (18%) in those who say they get their news only in Spanish.

This data is in keeping with the demographic trends seen within the Hispanic community.  More Hispanic adults are speaking English proficiently; Hispanics born here are increasing in number and entering adulthood and so on.  Does this mean you should ditch the Hispanic consumer communications strategy you’ve been writing?  Absolutely not.  While the trends are shifting, the fact remains that the raw numbers of potential Spanish news consumers are increasing as the Hispanic population continues to grow.  In 2012, there were 52 million Hispanics, up from 35 million in 2000.  And according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of Hispanics, age five and older who speaks Spanish at home is up 10 million from 2000 to a record 35 million.

Other interesting data points emerged from this study including:

  • More than 80% said they keep up with the news “a lot” (45%), or some (36%)
  • Most Hispanics use two or three media platforms on a typical weekday among television, radio, print newspaper and internet. But among those who consumer media in both English and Spanish, nearly 60% use three to four media platforms
  • The majority of Hispanics say both English-language and Spanish-language news organizations “get the facts straight”
  • They believe Spanish-language media does a better job covering news relevant to Hispanics

To get all of the details on this study, read the report.

In summary, while a greater percentage of Hispanic consumers are indeed consuming English-language media, the overall number of potential Spanish-language news media consumers continues to grow. And with the Hispanic population estimated to grow to one-third of the U.S. population by 2015, that is a tremendous communications opportunity not to be missed.

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