We’ve all heard that saying about a picture being worth a thousand words. I’ve never been one to claim that math is my forte – but it certainly leaves me wondering: how many words is a video worth?

Well, let’s just take YouTube as an example, where at least four billion videos are viewed every day. Then, just for fun, we’ll guesstimate how many “pictures” are in each video. Then, we’ll multiply that number by a thousand. Then we’ll multiply that number by four billion. What are we left with? …A whole lot of words. Hey, maybe I’m better at math than I thought.

With so much of our news and social content coming to us through video, it seems to make sense to consider including it in your repertoire of media through which you reach your audience.Cameras Satellite Media Tour

So how do you know if your story would be told well through video and resonate with your audience?  Here are three key questions to ask when creating video content:

  • Are human feeling and emotion an important aspect of your message?
  • Is there good audio in your story?
  • Are there locations and visuals that would add to the conveyance your message?

Video is great for letting the viewer in to someone’s life, mind, or heart. It can express emotion through both the tone in someone’s voice and the expressions on their face. Good audio is also important to a good video story. Is there good natural sound available to enhance your video? Also key to a good video are good visuals. It helps to think, “Are there scenes or locations that would make this message better told through a visual medium?”

There are a lot of different types of media out there right now – new, clever and exciting ways for you to connect with people. It seems like a new one is “trending” every couple of weeks. With many great ways to reach your audience at your disposal, it is important to think about which ones would be most effective in best expressing your message.

Speaking of trends, video is becoming a prevalent element in these various forms of social media lately helping you to spread your message far and wide, as long as your audience deems it engaging enough to share. You can now Instagram videos, Snapchat videos, send videos through Vine, and as recently as last Thursday, use YouTube’s newest baby, MixBit, to shoot and “stitch” (or edit) video using the app. But make sure to put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Would you share the video you’ve created?

Video can have powerful impact with your audience. Leaving them remembering not only the information provided, but also the visuals, places, people, and emotions that are such a critical part of your story. It’s an incredibly powerful tool worth well more than a mere thousand words when done right.

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