In his recent article in PR Daily, “What to expect in PR in the next 10 years,” Martin Waxman presents some major trends that have recently occurred in PR.  As PR is a fast shifting business it is important to always stay up to date about the new marketing trends of the next decade.  Here are a few of them:

Message vs. Experience: The key message used to be our focus for several years, but these days there is a far stronger trend to highlight the value that our story has – creatively, visually, effectively and honestly – to the community we want to reach.  As we explain in a recent video blog, in media relations it is important to illustrate the full importance of the story early on to hook the reporters and producers immediately.  Having a cause, sharing an experience and getting to the heart of the matter is the new goal.

Rational Benefits vs. Passionate Economy:  To improve our client service, Waxman sees a need for PR agencies to shift away from the traditional billing by hour to a more flexible pricing model.  This emphasizes to our clients that they are not just a number to us but that we are willing and able to give everything to create new, breakthrough ideas together.PR change

Strategic Planning vs. Adaptive Strategy:  As we have previously mentioned, PR has become a lot more dynamic during the past couple of years.  There is not as much need for a strict crisis plan or a full-year plan.  Instead, it is important to be easily adaptable to the needs of our clients and the specific situation.  To do so it is important to listen and to trust your gut.

Hunches vs. Simulations:  Having the right gut reactions makes the difference between a regular PR specialist and an outstanding one.  Nevertheless, experimenting with new ideas and utilizing real-life simulations can be helpful in being able to quickly adapt them for a broader use.

Brands vs. Platform:  PR is not about communicating one way anymore.  Customers need to get involved with the products and brands we work for.  Instead of writing simple press releases, conversations in the form of blog posts or social media based on two-way communication are the future.  As PR specialists, we have to travel out of our comfort zone and try to connect in a more meaningful, interactive way to successfully reach our consumers.

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