Does your website catch your visitor’s attention instantly?  Do visitors visit your webpage longer than three seconds?  According to a web use study done in 2006, by Weinrich and Herder of University of Hamburg, visitors spend less than four seconds on 25 percent of the web pages that they visit. And While a a more recent study of internet usage done in 2011 states that users are now spending up to 10 seconds on a page, it’s still very little time to convince users to stay.  Here are 3 simple tests from Ann home-internet-computerWylie’s article 3 Checks to Help You Get the Word Out Online to make sure that your page is reachable to everyone.

1. Three-Second Test: Check.

You must hook your visitors within two to three seconds.  Within that time, your readers should instantly understand what your page is about and why it is applicable to them.  A strong, well-crafted headline and legible page design will help make your point in that short amount of time.

2.The Skim Test: Check.

According to Weinrich and Herder, who conducted the survey, if your webpage does catch the visitor’s attention within the initial three seconds, then your visitor will spend an average of 10 seconds scanning the page.  Make sure your visitors can grasp the general idea of your article without reading each paragraph.  To do this, place your:

  • Main idea in the title, or one-sentence summary;
  • Major ideas in the subheads, and
  • Minor ideas in the highlighted key words, boldfaced lead-ins, and links.

Have a coworker skim your copy.  If he or she can comprehend your main points without reading each paragraph, you pass the test.

3. The Squint Test: Check.

Take off your glasses and squint.  Is your copy easy to read?  Does it seem to be broken into miniature pieces?  If it looks appealing, then you passed the squint test.

And do remember always that one audience you need to satisfy for your website to be successful are the search engines. The tests above remain quite relevant in getting your page found and ranked by the search engines so potential users seeking your sort of content might find it when searching.

Did your webpage pass these tests?

Stay tuned…