Have you ever heard a story on the radio, seen a commercial on TV, or followed a trending hashtag that completely captivates you and urges you to instantly indulge in the company or the company’s product?  That urge is a sure sign of successful PR.  Over the next few weeks we will be providing examples of successful PR stories and campaigns and what it was that made them so successful… or what they thought would make them successful, but in turn did the opposite.

red bull stratos

Here is what you can look for in the coming weeks in our new series on PR Case Studies:

Red Bull Stratos: When Felix Baumgartner was the first human to break the sound barrier, Red Bull streamed his jump live on YouTube. This is one of the most ground breaking and creative uses of YouTube in PR.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure: When Susan G. Komen declared its decision to end its partnership with Planned Parenthood, the nation’s leading breast cancer charity was harshly criticized, especially through social media.  Many people suspected the organization cut funding due to pressure from anti-abortion groups and anti-abortion sentiment in the Komen management.

Coca Cola ‘Share a Coke’ Campaign: Coca Cola replaced their company name on their bottles with 150 of the UK’s most popular names.  This blew up Coca Cola’s social media world, with thousands of people promoting Coke with pictures of their personalized bottle over all social media platforms with the hashtag #sharacoke.

Walmart-ing Across America: Walmart has had its share of PR miscalculations, so they certainly didn’t need their extremely trusted, and well-paid public relation firm to generate a campaign that would only be labeled as totally immoral.  The store’s firm decided that in order to give good press to the association, they would hire a freelance writer and a photographer who would travel across the country in an RV, sleeping in Walmart parking lots.  This seems like an okay idea, excluding the fact that they chose to show the tour as if it had no relation to Walmart – that it was just a couple who decided to make a blog about their experiences.

Dove Real Beauty Campaign: Dove launched a worldwide marketing campaign in 2004 that contains advertisements, videos, workshops, and more – with the purpose of embracing the natural physical variation embodied by all women, and encourage them to have the confidence to be comfortable with themselves.



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