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Have you ever had the thought, “Well, I was planning on doing laundry, doing the dishes, going to the gym, and calling my old college roommate tonight….BUT I just really don’t have it in me?” If you said “no,” you have energy that I am very envious of. But I’m going to take a gander that it’s more likely you said “yes.” And if you’re anything like me, it’s a thought you’ve had on more than one occasion.

Now that it’s the Spring season and the weather is getting warmer, it’s likely a little easier for us to get out of our ruts – to motivate ourselves to be more productive with the things that must be done, to leave more room for the things we enjoy doing.

Catch up with friends for happy hour after work. They are a great support system that we are all probably guilty of losing sight of when things get crazy at work or at home. Sometimes all we want to do is come home after work, sit on the sofa, and binge-watch “Chopped.” But wouldn’t we enjoy that so much more if there wasn’t a huge pile of dishes in the sink, or towels waiting to be folded? Set goals for what you want to accomplish after work and on the weekends so that you have the time to meet up with friends, go on a nature walk with your significant other, or Skype with your family.

I’m far from an expert, but I’ve realized I’m a lot happier when I’m able to maintain a balance in my life, and noticed the same in the people in my life. A balance of time at work, time alone reading or watching television, time being productive completing household tasks, time at the gym, time with friends, and time with family, should enable us to have greater focus and be “in the moment” with the activity we are presently engaged in.

The same could be said for our working environments. We are fortunate enough here at News Generation to work as a part of a team that is very invested in our continued professional development, encouraging us to engage in seminars, workshops and networking functions. But if your organization differs, there might be a great evening networking event you could attend, or a seminar offered during lunchtime at a building right down the street.

You and I likely have differing definitions of what our “rut” is. It’s likely very situational and dependent on many variables, but it’s probably safe to say we can all work towards more balance in our lives and minds.

(This blog is written as part of the American Psychological Association’s annual Mental Health Blog Day. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to write a blog post today pertaining to mental health, using the hashtag #MHBlogDay. For more information, please visit APA’s Your Mind Your Body blog.)


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