Who gets you through your stop-and-go drive to work each morning? The Washington D.C. metropolitan area, infamous for its bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic, is also a huge radio market. The May 25, 2014 Washington Post Magazine revealed an interesting article on March’s top ten weekday morning stations. Here are the highlights…


Topping the list was WTOP 103.5 with 12.2 percent of listeners. As one of the top-earning stations in the country, correspondent Neal Augenstein keeps the local and national news stories as lined up as the cars on I-495.

Wildly popular among younger crowds because of their Billboard Top 40 playlist, Hot 99.5’sThe Kane Show” ranked third and appealed to 7.2 percent of morning drivers. The on-air personalities cutting up, playing tricks and sharing drama keeps listeners entertained on their way to work.

In at number two, WAMU 88.5 features NPR’s syndicated “Morning Edition” with Renee Montagne and Steve Inskeep. Nationally aired, “Morning Edition” is the most popular news program in the nation and claims 10.1 percent of D.C. listeners.

Down farther at number six, WMAL 105.9’s conservative news talk show, “Mornings on the Mall” with Brian Wilson and Larry O’Connor, attracts 5 percent of D.C. area listeners. Seasoned broadcast media veterans Wilson and O’Connor share interesting news stories and their candid opinions through the sound waves.

Though listed at number nine, WJFK 106.7 The Fan is the most popular morning sports station in the D.C. metropolitan area, with 3.4 percent of listeners. “The Sports Junkies” updates listeners every morning on games and general sports news. Sports-lovers and childhood friends from Prince George’s county, “Cakes,” “E.B.,” “Lurch” and “J.P.” host.

Check out the full 10-station Washington Post Magazine article online for yourself and tell us which station is your morning car ride companion in the comments below!