Frustration-630x419“I spent over 20 minutes reading articles that slammed the AP Stylebook for this ridiculous change.” — Three months ago, that sentence would have been incorrect and many PR professionals are wishing AP would leave American grammar alone. The AP Stylebook has recently ruled that more than and over may be used interchangeably to indicate numerical value. “More than my dead body,” tweeted an outraged @MikeShor, an associate professor at the University of Connecticut. On March 19, 2014 at an American Copy Editors Society annual meeting, AP Stylebook editors David Minthorn and Darrell Christian announced the new style changes that had journalists, authors, public relations professionals and practically all writers in a tizzy. Even an article in the May issue of Public Relations Tactics explains why Stylebook editors made a bad decision.

As a college student who has spent the last two semesters getting schooled on AP style, grammar, spelling and punctuation rules, I can’t say I’m pleased. The AP Stylebook is the pristine authority on all things English language – practically as holy as the Bible for writers. How could they stoop so low?! I find the editors’ leniency hard to believe. With social media slang like “selfie” being added to the dictionary every day, leaving the English language up to teenage trends and an overwhelming amount of improper grammar users is absurd. We can’t give in to popularity. If nothing else, the change has made one less thing to tell people they’re wrong about, I mean one fewer. What’s next? Endorsing the, excessive use, of unnecessary, commas?

AP Stylebook — you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. On behalf of all the old dogs, I say…

I am totally more than over this!

Stay tuned…


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