It seems Americans across the board are divided on the issues that matter most to them. But then there are some who just haven’t made up their minds and come this November, they’re not sure which political candidates they’ll vote for. That’s why it’s so important for candidates to reach those voters now in order to swing their vote. According to Nielsen research, independents range from 19 percent to 52 percent of all registered voters across U.S. local markets. It is important for candidates to understand who these voters are, where they are and target the right message to reach and impact this influential voter group.

Nielsen’s research shows focusing your marketing efforts on local markets will bring the best return. Local media is the key to connecting to swing voters. Speaking to voters locally, and addressing specific issues that affect their city or town will be increasingly important to reach swing voters as the 2014 midterm campaign season heats up. This is also a way for political hopefuls to raise funds and get involved in local community events that attract voters.

Understanding the Digital Connection is crucial based on Nielsen’s research because candidates can connect on the right platform and easily find people with similar interests. Once the connection is established, the candidates with the most effective and targeted messaging will be most successful.

Determining the Appropriate Media Mix may be the most important step. Whether you combine traditional media like radio and television with digital media, the right mix can drive results with your target audience.

The Keller Fay Group has created TalkTrack; a resource to create effective and targeting messaging. Nielsen voter research shows this technology can help match behavior to voter registration data. More specifically, it can help filter radio stations based on political platforms.  For more information visit: or

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