Radio Studio MicrophoneDeadlines. That’s a word incredibly familiar to those of us working in public and media relations. We have them, clients have them, and reporters certainly have them. How can you most effectively utilize the remaining days and hours before your deadlines to garner the most reach for your outreach? There are great ways to pitch reporters and secure coverage no matter what your deadline. That’s the great thing about broadcast outreach – it’s consistent and reliable, but there is great flexibility in ensuring the outreach that you need.

There are a few key ways to reach radio reporters in particular that we recommend. The first is a radio media tour (RMT). RMTs are a great way for your spokesperson to have direct interaction with the reporters.  Generally, you will work to set aside about three hours of a spokesperson’s time one morning, and we will schedule interviews in 10-minute windows with reporters nationally and in markets across the country that you are targeting. We recommend ten business days pitching lead time because reporters and newsrooms often need lead time to arrange the resources to do your interview. Having that lead time enables our team to put your interview and news story on the reporter’s radar. When you have a shorter window of time to secure your radio outreach, we will often recommend you do an audio news release. An audio news release consists of a 60-second produced report, including a 20-second sound bite of your spokesperson, and the introduction and close narrated by a professional announcer giving the additional information and a call to action for your story.

To start, we ask for background information from which we can write the script and targeting information so we can prepare to pitch your target markets.  Once the script is approved by you, we ask for your spokesperson’s availability to record their sound bite.  Audio news releases can often be turned around in one to three business days, depending on your internal approval times. You have final approval of the script and sound bite. The morning your audio news release is distributed, our team personally calls and pitches all of the contacts on the personalized target list developed just for your project. A few business days after we pitch, we follow up with all of the stations that accept your news release to see how they used it and provide details to you in an update half way through the follow up process, and once all of the follow up is completed in the final usage report.

If you have even less time an audio bite line could get your message out to newsroom contacts in just the matter of a few business hours. We ask for the background so we can prepare an advisory for newsrooms. The ability to include a sound bite or sound bites from your spokesperson is up to you and your time window. We then send out your advisory, with a link to your sound, to a carefully targeted list of reporters all over the country. We will personally follow up with a sample of the stations to provide you with representative usage of your story.

If you’re curious about a service, have an idea, or are just looking for a little guidance, feel free to give us a call. We’d be happy to chat. Call Susan Apgood at 301-664-6448. We’ll figure out together what service will work best for your news and budget.

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