LivescribeechoAs summer starts to slip away, large retailers are beginning to promote blowout back-to-school sales. Though they’re geared toward prepping kids for their return to the classroom, who says adults can’t participate? Somewhere in the midst of pencils, pens and notebooks, you can often find tech items on sale too. As long as you’re okay potentially not having the latest model, August is a great time to shop for gadgets.

As busy PR professionals, anything to help us maximize productivity and efficiency is a great investment. Doing your best job starts with having the right tools, so here are some interesting tech items to make your life a little easier:

1. Mini Pocket Projector and Table-Top ScreenDo you find yourself giving presentations often or wishing you could show someone what you mean instead of trying to explain it? Mini projectors and table-top screens are perfect for displaying your visual aids in an intimate meeting or to a client. Small enough to fit in your purse or backpack, these convenient presentation tools can instantly professionalize your image. However, do your research before you buy – some models could cost you a pretty penny.

2. Fitness/Lifestyle WristbandOn the go a lot? The recently popularized lifestyle and fitness wristbands can help you keep your fitness goals close (literally). Despite busy days, they serve as a good reminder about caring for the health of your body. Some can also monitor your sleep, notify you when your phone buzzes and play music aloud.

3. Digital Pen How do you prefer to take notes? Do you like traditional pen-to-paper because it’s most convenient, or do you like to type on your tablet or computer so your notes are archived electronically? With digital pens, you don’t have to choose. While you write, these pens can record audio and whatever you write down to your computer or tablet. Transcribing messy notes is the worst, but with digital pens, all your notes and MP3 audio files are automatically stored digitally where you want them.


4. Smartphone Attachables Social media users love to see photos and videos, and you never know when you’ll see something you want to share. Simple smartphone attachables can help you make your photos and videos look instantly more professional. Attachable camera lenses can help you zoom in closer for the perfect head shot; boom mics can help amplify and clarify sound during an interview; and mini tripods help to secure and stabilize your phone for the best picture and video quality. With their perfected, nearly professional operation, these mini attachables can also save you from the hassle of carrying heavy equipment.

Captivated by these irresistible gadgets yet? All these promising PR tech tools can be found online and through various retailers. Because PR is ever-evolving, staying on top of technology trends matters. But don’t forget to control your gadgets, and don’t let them control you. It’s become too easy to fall prey to the little devices in our hands.

So, as your child laces up their new kicks for the first day of school, turn on your new digital pen and fitness wristband and prepare to take the PR world by storm – one gigabyte of data at a time! Who’s the cool kid on the playground now?

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