Jeff1“Soccer Mom” broadly refers to married middle-class women who live in the suburbs and have school aged children and are sometimes portrayed as putting the interests of their family, and most importantly their children, ahead of their own. They are traditionally listeners of Adult Contemporary, HOT AC…and when they want to keep up with what their kids are listening to, they tune into Contemporary Hits stations (that’s how all moms know about Bieber!)


“NASCAR Dad” broadly refers to a demographic group of middle-aged, working-class or lower-middle-class men who are believed to typically enjoy watching NASCAR, or comparable high-impact sports or entertainment. Country, Classic Rock, News & Sports are the usual radio pre-sets for that set.

When you are making your media plans it’s vital to know the audience you’re looking to reach out to, as well as making sure that the message is the right one for them.  Just blasting out your info to the masses and hoping for the best is not the most efficient way to spend your organization’s media dollars.

If your project is about physical fitness, and is one that would resonate with “Soccer Moms,” targeting their specific stations, favorite radio shows and writing a detailed pitch with information for them is all part of setting the project up for success. Pitching “NASCAR Dad” stations with that same info can lead to your message getting filed in the trash folder rather quickly.

News anchors, reporters, hosts and producers are very savvy when it comes to knowing what their audience likes and dis-likes – and their Program Director is certain to remind them of that at every opportunity.  And if that’s not enough, today there are PPMs (Portable People Meters) that monitor the tastes of listeners. Information that comes from PPMs can show the exact moment when a listener tunes out.  Although it’s got to be kind of frightening if you are an on-air talent, this tool shows what listeners like and what they don’t like, which can be used to maximize what an audience enjoys hearing.

So, now more than ever, it’s critical when making your media plans to be sure that you are targeting an audience that will give your project the best chance for success.

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