So many industries today utilize public relations professionals in their publicity and promotion efforts, whether internal or external. With the need for public relations continuing to grow, this blog series will feature insights into different PR practices, and helpful resources and tips for audience targeting.

In this first blog series installment, we explore educational entertainment industry public relations. This type of PR addresses the communication needs of television, radio and Internet outlets that uniquely focus on education and social change-driven messaging. With the digital age of today, researchers predict continuing growth in the U.S. entertainment and media market, and subsequently a growth in public relations professionals, working with the entertainment and production industries. Unlike the overwhelming amount of reality entertainment today, educational entertainment approaches viewers from a more constructive angle to teach them about certain phenomenon and ideas. Examples of educational entertainment might include Discovery Channel programming, PBS programming, or even

Educational Entertainment Blog PicBecause voluntary publics of educational entertainment often include professionals and generally curious, analytical minds, public relations practitioners in this field brainstorm creative and unique ways to disseminate their messages to this niche market.

Susan Matthews Apgood, president of News Generation, says, “Radio is a great medium to earn coverage for educational programming. Stations have the goal of informing their audiences and offering them an outlet to explore a topic they are interested in, can relate to and learn from.”

Audience targeting for educational entertainment would likely include publicity through academic publications, online blogs and news platforms, and traditional news media such as radio.  Radio is unique in that it is a great way to reach very specific, targeted markets across the country, or reach an audience national in scope. It is a very malleable medium to use for audience targeting. At News Generation, we value earning radio coverage for educational programming since it so closely aligns with our focus on issue-driven public relations. Work we’ve done earning coverage for programming on the American Heroes Channel, Investigation Discovery and PBS all help to highlight the importance of educational entertainment in keeping us aware of and attuned to what’s going on in our world.

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