According to a new national survey from Vox Populi Polling, 81% of swing voters say they listen to AM/FM radio on a regular basis.

“As political campaigns shift gears into the final stretch, they will increasingly focus on the all-important swing voters and radio is an extremely effective way to reach and influence them,” said Vox Populi pollster Brent Seaborn. “Our research indicates radio is even more effective in reaching those who are undecided or may change their mind before Election Day.”

Other key findings from the survey include:

  • 61% of swing voters agree that radio is a good way for political candidates to reach them. Politically, these voters are undecided or still willing to change their mind, with 29% of the study’s swing voters leaning Democrat and 21% leaning Republican.
  • Swing voters listen to more radio than the average voter, reporting that they listen to radio during 10% more of their day vs. the Average American voter.
  • You can find swing voters listening to stations around the radio dial. Swing voters listen more to FM stations, with 67% reporting listening to FM regularly. Low turnout voters are FM station listeners, with 74% low turnout Republicans and Democrats saying they listen to AM/FM or local music stations regularly.

Vox Populi Polling is a leading polling company that designs and fields surveys to uncover what is happening within the political and public policy landscape. This survey was commissioned by Katz Media Group.

Whether you’re a communications leader on a political campaign, or on the team at an organization with a vested interest in the results of the elections, radio is a great, cost-effective medium to utilize to reach your key voters.

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