Stethoscope-2Health communicators play such an important role in getting some of the most vital messages out to society. They work to break down complex and concerning messages to simple, concise ones that are clear enough for everyone to understand. Whether creating fact sheets, tweeting tips, sending out press releases about new medical discoveries, doing media interviews, or cultivating brochures and magazines, health communications serves an irreplaceable purpose in disseminating information ultimately concerning our livelihood.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sites the purpose of health communications as: “To promote health changes in individuals and communities, using strategies and tactics based on science and consumer research.” Health communications uses a clear layout and simplistic language, free from superfluous fluffy literary devices. Elements like bullet points and commands such as “do” and “don’t” are common methods that health communicators use to convey comprehensible and coherent messages.

The persuasive, issue-driven messages of health communications are extremely important to publicize. Anything from reminding a community to get its flu shots to dispelling false rumors or clearing up confusion about an epidemic is significant. Not only does health communication function to persuade people to take action, it also helps to calm public concern and decipher truth from rumor. People need to know the real facts, and how to apply action steps related to certain conditions or diseases to their lives.

Depending on the purpose of the message, some health communicators seek to reach an audience as broad as possible and some seek to reach a very targeted audience. Interacting with national audiences or demographically targeted audiences is made easier though the use of broadcast media methods. Radio, especially, has the ability to span a multitude of demographics. Our team has worked with the American Society for Radiation Oncology, the American Diabetes Association, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, and on suicide prevention campaigns to help them generate awareness of pertinent information. At News Generation, we realize the urgency and importance of gaining publicity for your pressing, time-sensitive messages. They may have the potential to save lives. News Generation operates on five core values including impact and passion, which closely align with those of health communicators.

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