Fellow speaker, Serena Ehrlich, and I at PR Day

Fellow speaker, Serena Ehrlich, and I at PR Day

On October 8, I had the honor of participating in the Morning Media Panel for PRSA Houston’s PR Day.  Here was the write-up for the panel: “With nearly 92% of consumers ages 12 and older listening each week, radio stations and networks hold tremendous power to inform, educate and advocate, motivating listeners and influencing leaders. Discover secrets to using your time, skills and resources to more appropriately and efficiently earn media coverage for your organization or client…” Other panelists included national freelancer and contributor, Michele Meyer; former Radio One Houston talk show host, Maria Todd; KHOU lifestyle expert, Dee Brown; and Houston Business Journal’s social engagement manager, Katy Stewart.

It was a great experience being on a panel with Houston-area journalists and learning more about their market, and I got to draw some great distinctions between the Washington D.C., inside the Beltway reporting and reporting in East Texas.

Before the panel, we all had breakfast to brief each other on the points we would discuss during our presentation. Houston Business Journal’s social engagement manager, Katy Stewart and I got to chatting about what she was surprised to see in Houston after moving there just over a year ago.  First, the market as a whole has no interest in public policy or politics. What?  Living in D.C. and being a political junkie and surrounded by all political news all the time, how could this be?

Another big difference is here in D.C., advocacy and politics are our currency. In Houston, it is all energy, all the time.  Big energy, oil and chemical companies make their homes in Houston and news of their performance and advances tend to dominate the business reporting. One area D.C. and Houston are the same?  Going out for that proverbial cup of coffee. It seems that both markets have reporters that cannot seem to make the time to meet up with PR professionals to make connections.  One interesting and possibly emerging trend seems to be PR professionals finding out very confidential information about reporters and using that information to try and get an interview.  All of the reporters described it collectively as “totally creepy.”

For more information on the discussion, visit http://www.prsahouston.org/pr-day-2014/ or track #prevolution.

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