“Key to success” is a phrase we hear so often that it has become an American idiom. While there’s no definitive formula or ingredient for professional success, Robert Greene, author of The 48 Laws of Power, seems to be getting closer to the answers we desire. In a recent Fast Company article, Greene reveals research on traits that Charles Darwin, Steve Jobs and other successful innovators have in common that set them apart from others in their career fields.


As strategic communicators, we constantly strive for new and different ideas that foster creative and innovative public relations. These six traits of successful people can help us dig deep and unlock our potential for crafting compelling messages:

  1. They are emotionally committed. Greene found that emotional connection, not intellect, is the driving force for success. Professionals in any industry should feel emotionally invested in their work and like a valuable piece in a larger puzzle to achieve their greatest potential.
  1. They don’t care too much what others think of them. Successful people dedicate all their energy to improving themselves and honing their craft. Whether it’s perfecting writing skills or interpersonal communication skills, PR professionals, like any others, should constantly be focused on personal improvement.
  1. They don’t let their brain get rigid. When we get into the routine of doing the same work over and over, our brains face the threat of becoming stale. Do work in ways that sparks creativity and inspires innovation. Constantly try new methods to avoid getting complacent.
  1. They know when to turn off their phone. As PR professionals, many of us have a hard time disconnecting. While we feel the urgency to immediately check notifications and read emails, the successful people Greene interviewed know when to turn it off. The down time pays off as it allows them to focus in on a task or take the uninterrupted time to generate new ideas.
  1. They have a focus routine. Have you read that press release over and over but still aren’t feeling it? Whether it’s closing your office door, meditating or drinking a second cup of coffee in undisturbed silence, most successful people develop a routine to help them refocus, and it pays off.
  1. They don’t live in their past successes. Don’t get so comfortable in past successes that you don’t push yourself to continue to achieve. Successful people always challenge themselves to think bigger and do better.

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