smartphone-584701_640Happy New Year! (In case you haven’t heard it enough.)

As most professionals make their way back to work after this holiday season with “new year, new me” mantras, their businesses and organizations call for the same type of revitalizing energy. As the ever-changing PR world rotates, the start of a new year is the perfect time to evaluate existing PR practices and possibly plan to implement new ones.

How to best use technology is a topic that our industry ponders often. While the answer continues to change with technology’s advancement, one aspect is here to stay – social media.

Here are some social media strategy and logistical no-no’s to avoid in 2015, courtesy of PR Daily:

  1. Using every network spontaneously and constantly – Planned posts are essential. Each platform is different and trying to conquer too many at once can be detrimental to your outreach efforts.
  1. Believing that social media alone will make you well known – Interactive social media does not mean name recognition. Mainstream, earned media does. Don’t rely solely on your amount of followers to drive business or influence public opinion.
  1. Doing social media purely for SEO purposes – Choose to post valuable, interesting content, viewable to your targeted audience, instead of 140 characters of perfectly placed keywords.
  1. Producing “viral content” – Content tends to die quickly, no need to waste your time trying to make it go “viral.” As long as your message is clear and your target audience sees it, you don’t need to create the next laughing baby video. Your audience will most likely scroll on and keep it moving, so should you.
  1. Measuring success by engagement – While engagement is a fantastic first step, simple interaction may not always mean success. PR Daily names brand awareness and sales as “more genuine gauges.”
  1. Failing to use video content in social media marketing – Studies show customers are 85 percent more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. Though it can be time-consuming, it is well worth the extra time.
  1. #Using #irrelevant #hashtags – While we like to consider social media a controlled output, the way others use your hashtags is uncontrolled. Be mindful of your words and keep them relevant.
  1. Sharing content when no one’s around – If you’re out of the office for the holidays, summer vacation or even lunch, it is likely that your audience is too. Wait to post until your content can reach maximum visibility.
  1. Forgetting to respond to people personally – While automation is a powerful time-saver, pre-scheduled posts can also be disastrous. Don’t let your automated responses ruin your company’s genuine voice and be a turnoff for followers.

Now that it’s clear what you SHOULDN’T do with social media in 2015, tune in next Tuesday for things you SHOULD do!