imagesWith January well under way, we are settled back in to our busy professional lives and beginning to implement our New Year’s resolutions. It’s likely that some of our professional resolutions are geared towards increasing engagement for our organization – whether it’s with members, the Hill, or reporters. It is important to look at our communications strategies with a fresh perspective and make sure we’re achieving the engagement we desire.

Last week, we discussed social media mistakes NOT to make in 2015. Now let’s explore what we SHOULD do. Most of our organizations likely have a presence on social media, but let’s take a look to see if we’re really engaged on social media. In recent posts, PR Daily shared important social media resolutions for communicators to implement this year:

  1. Fix your Facebook page – Don’t forget about Facebook! It’s likely that Twitter is the platform you engage with the most for your organization, but Facebook is still relevant. Take time to revitalize your company page this month and set a goal to update it with new, shareable content regularly.
  2. Boost blogging – Ideal for creatively sharing multimedia content, blogs are a great place to direct reporters and consumers to get more information about your organization. Openly sharing photos, videos, employee bios, opinion articles and more make your brand seem more authentic and original.
  3. Share more good news – Positivity is contagious, and likely to be shared or retweeted. Everyone loves success stories and photos. #goodvibesonly
  4. Use words wisely – Though easily overlooked, the actual words you use in posts can determine its potential to get passed along. A recent infographic highlighted the importance of words like “check out” on Twitter, “tell us” on Facebook, and “improved” on LinkedIn.
  5. Reach influencers – Getting appropriate influencers to interact with your brand on social media can turn one post viral. These valuable social relationships show off your brand’s responsiveness and encourage others to interact with you.
  6. Think about your reader – It’s easy to make social media a dumping ground for content, but be strategic about what and where you post. What types of content do your readers respond to? Remember that posts should differ from one platform to another.
  7. Assess each platform’s appropriateness – Choose to master the most effective platform for your organization first. Make sure each post has valuable content, can be shared, and includes buzzwords for SEO. Focus on honing what you do well before exploring something new.

Whether targeting consumers, reporters or influencers, take this year to hone and perfect your social media outreach as part of your overall communications strategy. Remember the importance of planning, purpose and positivity in making your posts more engaging and interactive.

Stay tuned…