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On Tuesday, March 31, 2015, News Generation joined forces with The Communication Center to provide exclusive tips and insider-knowledge for communicators working with broadcast media. The event, Get Booked on Broadcast and Deliver with Confidence, combined the expertise of News Generation’s president and co-founder, Susan Matthews Apgood, and The Communication Center’s executive communication coach, Jeanne Meserve.

Apgood started off the event by informing the audience of recent trends in broadcast journalism, how to identify the appropriate audience to reach out to, and tips for pitching reporters. She emphasized the importance of thoughtful, deliberate audience targeting and distilling the essence of your message in order to attract the attention of reporters.

Meserve continued the conversation by offering advice for spokespeople being interviewed, touching on the subtle importance of posturing and body language. As an example, she conducted a mock broadcast interview with local business owner and Yopp founder, Shana Lawlor. The audience then watched the footage as Meserve provided commentary and offered hands-on tips for audience members to bring back to their spokespeople.

We’d like to thank The Communication Center for hosting this excellent and educational event at their office in downtown D.C. And of course, thanks to the attendees for participating and asking great questions and bringing so much life to the discussion. Keep in touch with News Generation and The Communication Center for more information and details of future events.

Stay tuned…