Think about the last time you paid by the hour for something. It was likely for your accountant around tax time, your plumber the last time your toilet clogged, or your lawyer when you needed a contract reviewed. It should not have been for your last radio media tour. When you hire a media relations firm, you should pay based on performance, not based on some arbitrary window of time in which interviews may or may not happen.Accountability

When you work on a radio media tour with us, you pay per interview actually completed. Why don’t we charge by the hour? If we did, you would pay for that entire hour, even if there were only one or two interviews scheduled AND completed. Or, say there’s breaking news and two stations in the hour window have to cancel, you would still be paying for that time. In those breaking news situations, we do everything in our power to save interviews from canceling because we know you want those interviews to happen. But if they must ultimately cancel their interview, you certainly are not going to be expected to pay for it.

When you pay per interview completed, it keeps us accountable. We work as hard as possible to deliver you the number interviews you want, but you are not charged for extenuating circumstances outside of your control.

In need of an on-site radio media tour and want us to come to help facilitate in person? No problem. The only additional budget includes any travel costs involved. That’s why we make our pricing model simple and straightforward. There’s one price for the completed work we deliver on. No hidden fees, no nickel-and-diming.

Maybe next time you hire your accountant or plumber you can ask them to charge based on the outcome and not the time it took them to get the job done?

If you have any questions about our pricing for radio media tours, please contact Susan at or 301-664-6448.