To those of us working in the public relations industry, it can be extremely frustrating to hear people say that PR is the same as advertising. What people may not know is that PR is a communications science, and PR experts are skilled in strategy development. Despite this fact, a recent Business Journal article reports that many businesses choose not to engage in PR. The article also cites a few reasons that help explain this lack of engagement in PR.


Most people read and hear about PR, but they do not fully understand what it means. It is likely they have a misconception that all PR relates to celebrities, parties and the glamour of red carpet events. Because people do not have a true understanding of what a PR strategy entails, they cannot fully understand how valuable PR is and the science behind developing a well thought-out PR strategy. PR is communication that begins with face-to-face conversations that can also go into the digital space.

When someone has had a negative experience with something, it is unlikely that they would choose to experience it again. Many businesses and executives report having had bad experiences with both the press and people who claim to have PR experience. To avoid such experiences, PR, like many other professions, has certain best practices that should be followed.  Following these practices will help avoid negative experience going forward. First, companies should take the time to choose a credentialed PR firm or PR manager. Second, companies should be open to following the suggestions that the PR team makes, as they are the ones who understand how to present stories to public, how to reach the right audience and how to develop strong messages.

Many companies say they feel PR costs too much. Yet, as has been said before, there are times when businesses have to spend money to make money. A sound PR strategy is one of those areas. When businesses take the time to invest in their PR, they end up with a stronger, strategy that will help their brand in the long run.

If your business doesn’t currently pursue a PR strategy, it may be time to re-examine.

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