There’s incredible opportunity to utilize more than one type of broadcast outreach in your campaign. That can be done either within the same campaign, or in general for the same client.

Different types of outreach can complement each other very well. For example, taking the radio media tour you’re doing in the top 15 markets, and partnering that with an audio news release in the smaller markets. You get more bang for your buck and efficiency out of your resources. If you think your team or organization would be open to exploring a different type of outreach, we wanted to go over them for you.

Radio media tours are our most frequently utilized service. Tours are a time-efficient tactic allowing your spokesperson to have engaging conversations with reporters about your organization’s news in a cost-effective way.

Audio news releases can complement a radio media tour very nicely, or can effectively stand alone. You send us the background, we write the script and record your spokesperson’s sound bites over a land line phone. You let us know where to target demographically, and we personally phone pitch newsrooms. Reporters can download the audio from our content site,, or receive the audio via .mp3 file. We then follow up with all of the reporters pitched to find out if, how, and when they used your story.

Pitched and followed-up on similarly to an ANR, a public service announcement is a great way to garner airplay over a longer period of time for a message from a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. An audio bite line includes a broadcast alert sent to stations and networks regarding availability of audio for download. A sample of stations and networks are personally pitched and followed up with to determine usage.

Also often paired with a radio media tour is a satellite media tour. This is a cost and time-effective way to utilize one or two spokespeople to hit across the country on radio and television in the matter of a few hours. Satellite media tours can also stand alone without a radio component.

If you want to talk about any of these services, or discuss details of an upcoming project, please reach out to Susan Apgood at 301-664-6448 or