Four times each year, Nielsen releases its “State of the Media: Audio Today” report. This quarter’s report shows the continued rise in America’s radio audience: 245 million Americans are listening to the radio each week.

The report released in July 2015 states, “In this quarter’s report, we focus on the record 71.7 million Blacks and Hispanics who combine to account for almost a third (29.3%) of the national AQH audience.” Jon Miller, Nielsen’s Vice President of Audience Insights, says this most recent report “speaks to the power and the reach of radio.” Nationwide, radio listenership has hit an all-time high for the second year in a row. “When you look at what’s happening across media today…the radio audience as a whole has remained remarkably strong. In fact, it’s growing.”

The report found that 93% of Hispanics and 90.8% of Black Americans are reached weekly by radio. The report says these consumers spend more time with radio each week than any other group, and possess great buying power. This report highlights that if you’re looking to reach a qualified audience when they are away from home and in the marketplace, radio is an incredibly effective medium. Miller says that the growth in radio listenership has been spurred by the Black and Hispanic listeners. “Some of the most engaged audiences that we see nationwide are the Black and Hispanic listeners,” he says. “Radio is such a mass platform that reaches so many people.”

Pointing to the fact that ten years ago, 90-plus percent of adults in America listened to the radio, and today in 2015, 90-plus percent of adults in America are listening to the radio, Miller says the data speaks for itself.

Miller says one of the most popular aspects of the report are the maps that graphically represent where listenership occurs for each population. Below is a map of the concentration of Hispanic radio listenership. “A strength of radio is that local connection…It’s different to every market and it’s local to every market,” he says. “Nobody else really has that corner on local.”


Source: Nielsen’s “State of the Media: Audio Today,” July 2015


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