Once we got out on the trail, I was grounded. A strong feeling came over me of complete contentment. Of complete happiness. This is the only place I truly wanted to be at this time. First challenge before hitting the uphill was to bike quickly over a wash of sand about 30 yards long. If it has recently rained, it is not such a challenge. The rain tends to pack the sand tight making it an easier surface to cross. But, if there has not been much rain, the sand is very fine and loose, making it harder to ride straight and stay on the bike. That was the case on this day. I knew I had to give it all I had to make it across. I pedaled as hard as I could, and with not as much effort as I anticipated, I made it across. At that moment, I set the tone.  It was going to be a great day.

mv12In normal, everyday life, I feel like I am always thinking three steps ahead. What are the kids doing? What are their activities? When is my next conference call? Next meeting? What is for dinner? Oh, yeah, I have to remember to make that doctor’s appointment. Cannot forget that one. But, not today. This day I was 100% present. It is the Miraval way. I want to be more present in my everyday life anyway. This will help me get there.

Whether it is a work meeting, an event I am hosting, a party for my children, or an exercise challenge, I work hard to anticipate the road ahead. I visualize what an ideal outcome will look like. How will it feel during and after? As with all things we do with pride, we have to own our confidence. Without confidence and conviction, why is anything worth doing? Going into the unknown can be uncomfortable for many. At Miraval, I thrive on the challenge.mv13

As we were heading out, Matt mentioned we would be riding a different, more challenging course because it was just the two of us. The part of me that loves a challenge became conflicted with the part of me that knew I did not start the day working off a great night of sleep. Cycling across the wash was a breeze, so knew it was going to be a good day. So, my stronger mind prevailed. I am only at Miraval once a year, so why not go for it? This was my moment. But, how would I step up to the challenge?

My plan was to follow Matt. Closely. I will use the path ahead of me that I see works. Why recreate the wheel when success is ahead of me? Matt did not own the rights to the trail ahead, but I knew he rode these trails several times a week. He knew the easy paths as well as the pitfalls.

As we ride along, I have thoughts about early in my career. Back then, I had a really hard time asking for help. In my mind, it was a sign of weakness. If I owned my own business, and was looked at as an authority, shouldn’t I have all the answers? I still struggle with it today. But, I learned that asking for help, or having mentors explain or show me their path instantly built my confidence. I applied those principals here. It is easier to ask for help in situations that are known to be new. But, the thing is, even if you have been honing a job, a skill, or even parenting for many years, there are always new circumstances that come our way. We are all here to help one another achieve, so reach out and ask for help. It is a sign of strength and demonstrates a love for learning and making yourself better.

When Matt mentioned we would head up a new path, I could see the excitement in his eyes.  I saw that as contagious and used his enthusiasm to build up mine. He knew I could do it. It was just a matter of me convincing myself. So, with less mental energy than it would have taken to forge my own path, I followed Matt. He is strong, very capable and most of all I trust him because I have completed challenging rides with him in the past. If I did not feel that way about him, I would have changed course and not followed him so closely. It is always great to forge your own path if you don’t know and trust the person ahead. Or, if the path has never been taken before. Who does not want to be a trailblazer? Up the steep path I began to climb.

Stay tuned…


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