We recently did a survey of radio reporters and producers all across the country. One hundred percent of journalists surveyed say they use pitched news releases & pitched interviews to gather news content. These trends we are finding are very encouraging, as pitched content is counted on in all newsrooms.

Interestingly, 88 percent of respondents said they also use social media to gather news content, which is up ten percent from 78 percent in our 2013 survey of reporters. If we have a local spokesperson to offer along with local statistics that seems to positively influence their likelihood to book. We asked reporters if they would book an interview where we provide local information, but not a local spokesperson. Thirty seven percent said yes, and 42 percent said maybe. Then we polled to ask if they would book an interview where we provide local information and a local spokesperson. Sixty-three percent said yes, and 32 percent said maybe.

More than 63 percent of journalists they are more likely to open an email from someone on the News Generation team than from others in the industry.  We also asked about the challenges reporters are facing. The merging of on-air and online content was a prevalent response.  It’s no longer just announcing the story on-air, you have to have a web version and have the technical ability to utilize the web as well. Other challenges included time constraints and reduced staffing.

Watch our video with more results.

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