Every year, Halloween brings costumes, trick-or-treaters, and of course candy. While it may seem like the holiday is geared toward kids, we think there a few lessons PR pros can learn from trick-or-treating:

Jack-o'-Lantern_2003-10-31Always Expect the Unexpected: When you’re trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, you never know when someone may jump out and scare you. Similarly, we should always be prepared for a crisis or breaking news to jump out at us.

Repurpose Old Costumes: If you have a go-to costume that seems to be a crowd pleaser year-to-year, repurpose it! The same lesson can be applied to PR campaigns. If something in a campaign you worked on was successful last year, it’s likely that it will still be successful. Don’t re-create the wheel when it comes to what has worked for you in the past, and keep using the tools and resources you already have to make your job easier.

On the flip side, Get New Ideas Based on What’s Trending: If you’re stumped for a costume idea, an easy way to come up with last-minute ideas is to look at topics that are currently trending, such as the character Elsa from Frozen, just as you would when pitching media on story ideas. Tie your story into another recent news event or hot topic.

Have a spooky, spectacular Halloween, and stay tuned…


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