wamu_logo_bigWe media lovers know the allure of the soothing, informative voices NPR brings us over the airwaves. But recently, DC-area law firms have picked up on it as well – sponsoring DC’s NPR station, WAMU. The National Law Journal recently posted an article about the trend.

The messages might not be flashy – in fact, they’re quite the opposite – but they do provide great potential benefit. According to the National Law Journal, “the firms say the benefit can be twofold. The sponsorship announcements work like traditional advertising that can spread the law firm’s name as an earworm to potential clients, especially if they often ride in D.C. cabs or drive during rush hour.” It continues, “And the law firms can feel good about sending money—how much, they’ve declined to share—toward NPR’s public broadcasting mission.”

A spokesperson for WAMU declined to confirm with the National Law Journal which law firms purchase sponsorship spots. However, the spokesperson for the station did say that “a majority of its listeners fit into the demographics that the firms want to reach. Most WAMU listeners are between 25 and 54 years old, hold college or postgraduate degrees and are professionally and financially successful.”

Another interesting aspect about radio play in the DC market is time spent in the car. We Washingtonians can likely all attest to this one. The article states, “Washington’s commuters spend the most time in traffic compared to any other city…D.C. commuters lost an average of 82 hours a year in traffic last year. That’s 30 more hours than most firms ask lawyers to commit to pro bono work a year.”

One thing is for sure – people are listening to WAMU, and sponsoring the station not only draws light to your organization in addition to your earned media efforts, but works towards the public broadcasting mission of the station.

Stay tuned…