10888776353_9c71574e19_bNow that you’re back in the swing of things in 2016, you may be looking at your bottom line and saying to yourself, “How can we save smarter?” Now is the time to reassess. The Business Journals offers smarter ways to save than cutting your PR services. We took a closer look at 5 of the tips:

  1. Everybody loves a referral: We’re all in this together. Sharing contacts and referring business to your clients is always a smart move and can lead to more business coming back around you.
  2. Look for packaged services: If you are using multiple services at a time from your PR firm, you should see a financial benefit. Get more bang for your buck with a bundled pricing plan.
  3. Prepay annually: If you know you’re going be doing many projects throughout the year with you PR company, see if you can prepay for the whole year. They are bound to give you a nice discount : )
  4. Cancel media database & monitoring services: Your PR company has these services too. Let them pay for it.
  5. Have someone else do it: If your company is not built for certain aspects of a project, hire someone who does it all the time – they are the experts who have all the contacts and more bandwidth than you.

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