If you’re anything like us, on January 1 you came up with a list of resolutions to work on throughout the year. Depending on how your year is going, you might have calendar-310690_960_720already given up on some of them. With that in mind, Tim O’Brien offers us four PR-related resolutions that are easy to incorporate and stick to during the rest of the year in the latest issue of Tactics:

  1. Eliminate Distractions: With the amount of information, apps and tools available, it’s easy to lose your focus and become overwhelmed and distracted with what’s out there. Detroit-based Karen Swim encourages “minimizing unnecessary distractions and simplifying one’s workflow process to get more done.”
  2. Collaborate More: Working together may offer the opportunity to expand business opportunities and growth in new areas.
  3. Continue to Learn and Grow: Whether that means focusing on a new a skill set or reaching out to potential new client, growth is key.
  4. Adopt New Best Practices: Incorporating new best practices ensures that you’re helping your company or yourself constantly evolve and improve in the New Year.

Now that we’re four weeks into January, what are some of your PR resolutions you’re hoping to accomplish this year?

Stay tuned…