No matter your role in your organization, you likely understand the amount of work and strategy that go into creating new business opportunities for the company. And not only creating that opportunity, but keeping it.linked-152575_960_720

D.C.-based PR professional Mike Fulton writes about strategies for winning and keeping clients in this month’s PR Tactics. After being tasked to bring in and keep new business, Fulton learned some solid guidelines for delivering quality service:

  • Pursue specific clients where you have relationships, experience and knowledge first
  • You cannot network with enough people
  • Be thoughtful in your follow-up with prospects and do so immediately
  • Even if you get a “no,” say thank you and keep in touch
  • Doing great work for current clients is just like selling
  • Do not chase other consultants’ clients
  • Never skip over the fees and expenses to get to the work
  • Send out invoices with a part-personal and part-business note, and always thank clients for the opportunity to work with them
  • Be transparent. Be honest and forthcoming on fees, expenses and other aspects of your work
  • Do not hesitate to ask your current clients for help in expanding your business

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