Jim Heuer, sports reporter at KTRS, grew up listening to sports radio and always knew that he wanted a career in the sports radio industry. Heuer, who is from St. Louis, says, “I was always a sports fan. We had one station that did sports at night and we always had Cardinals and Blues games on in the background.” After starting at the station with an internship in 1997, Heuer worked his way through different positions before becoming a part of “The Big Sports Show.” IMG_0454

For Heuer, one of the things he likes best about working in sports radio is giving people an escape from the everyday. “We’re not dealing with the serious issues that people are dealing with on a daily basis. Sports is a nice escape for most of us, and it’s an escape for me too. Going to the ballpark or to that football game is important,” he says.

When he’s giving the play-by-play of a baseball or hockey game on the radio, Heuer strives to make his listeners feel like they are a part of something. “I used to work at a small station in Troy, MI where I did the play-by-play for local high school sports. One day I received a letter from one of the listeners, saying how much she enjoyed my broadcasts. At the end of the letter she told me she was blind. That moment was eye-opening for me, it showed me how what we do relates to people and gives them enjoyment.”

Looking ahead, Heuer thinks the radio industry will always be able to adapt to what’s going on around it. “Radio will never disappear for the fact that there’s always that one person who depends on the radio for information.”  When it comes to giving advice to young reporters, Heuer urges them to keep up with the latest technologies. “It’s constantly evolving. I remember learning how to cut and splice audio when I first started.”

Heuer considers himself lucky to be part of Cardinals baseball and to have the opportunity to cover their games and World Series appearances. Heuer has also covered some general news and says one of his most memorable reporting experiences was covering a series of severe weather disasters that effected the St. Louis area on Good Friday in the early 2000s.

If he could invite any world leader over for dinner, Heuer says it would be President Lincoln. “I would ask him to describe his thought process to me and how he dealt with everything.” When it comes to who’s going to win the Super Bowl this weekend, Heuer easily says the Carolina Panthers. “They’ve got a great defense!”

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