Have you ever been in a brainstorming session and found yourself overwhelmed by the surplus of ideas in your head? Maybe you find it challenging to sort through your ideas and find the most valuable ones to bring to the table.

In this month’s issue of PR Tactics Stephen Dupont, APR offers insight on how to consistently develop smarter and more effective ideas. Dupont says the key to an awesome idea is focusing on producing a higher-quality customer experience.

Where to Start?

To bring the lightmost value to your customers, Dupont says your idea should:

  • Solve a problem
  • Meet a specific need
  • Move the narrative of your customer’s story forward
  • Champion your customer’s success and happiness

He also recommends putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and thinking about what might bother you the most about your company, then addressing the issue. Consider altering a product or service instead of adding to what already exists.

Getting the Creative Juices Flowing

Once you have focused your brainstorming on customer experience, Dupont recommends you look at the data under your nose and sort through the useful information about your customers. Doing so will help you know your customer, what they want and what challenges they are facing.

To become consistent with your brainstorming, Dupont says to let your ideas grow. Write down your ideas as they come to you and make it a habit. If you are struggling to keep brainstorming as part of your regular routine, Dupont suggests you collaborate with your coworkers or consider meeting with people outside of the office.

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