writingIn this week’s issue of PR Tactics Paul Dusseault, senior vice president and senior partner of FleishmanHillard International in Atlanta, discusses an all too familiar topic – writing. As public relations professionals we know that we have to write well, but we may not always consider the reasoning behind the emphasis on writing skills. In his piece, Dusseault tells us why well written copy goes far in the public relations world.

In short, writing is everywhere. It is the building block of our creative strategy and the main device for implementation. “Intellectual sparkle can move medium to medium, but only a skilled writer can manage the transfer,” Dusseault says.

As a PR agency veteran with 30 years of experience, Dusseault recognizes that seasoned writing is central to strategic communications counsel. “A thoughtful well-reasoned argument,” Dusseault says, “must be expressed in the long form.” For this kind of idea-generating, a 140-character tweet just won’t cut it.

Dusseault urges PR professionals to hone in on their writing skills because:

  • Your media contacts (i.e. journalists) appreciate good writing
  • Good writing is inspirational
  • Developing good writing skills equips you to advise clients

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