In this week’s PR Tactics Robert L. Smith, a communications manager for Cleveland Clinic, gives us insight on the current relationship between the PR and print journalism industries. As a former reporter for Ohio’s largest newspaper, Smith witnessed firsthand the decline of print journalism and the boom of the PR industry. “It was as if I moved from a trailer park to a gated community,” he said of his transition into his PR career. After working in newspaper journalism for 30 years, Smith was delighted to see the tools and creative opportunities that awaited him in his new role.

Smith recognizes that while the PR industry has a wealth of resources, it still relies on the working press to write the stories people want to read. Newspaper journalists are still one of the most trusted sources of news, and PR efforts are not complete without traditional journalists. “We need journalists to be able to do their jobs so we can do ours,” says Smith. In response, he issues a call of action: to share the wealth of the PR industry with our partners in newsrooms. To help revitalize the newspaper industry, he suggests we:

  • Subscribe to the paper
  • Respond to paywalls by paying for online subscriptions
  • Promote public support for thoughtful, balanced and professional news reporting

As PR professionals, we must recognize the value of the traditional news as a unifying and impactful force. It is our responsibility to uplift, promote and support the most enduring member of our community.

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