Growing up, people used to tell Bob Alexander that he had a great voice. Now at WFSX-FM in Fort Myers, FL he credits one of his uncles for really catapulting him into radio. “I have an uncle I’m very close to. He started in radio in the mid-70s. I used to follow him around and I caught the bug even at that age.” Originally thinking of pursuing television, Alexander got a part-time job at a local radio station and hasn’t looked back since. “I got a job when I was a freshman in college and became totally addicted.” BobAlexander

Having lived in the Ft. Myers area since he was nine, Alexander enjoys the tranquility of the area. “The west coast of Florida is more tranquil than the east coast. It’s fairly quiet, but there is still enough growth. You can do the things you want to do without leaving. And if you want to go to a bigger place, it’s only a two to three-hour drive away.” That said, one of his most memorable experiences was being on- air after Hurricane Charlie hit his hometown of Port Charlotte in 2004. “This community means an awful lot to me. Port Charlotte was ground zero for the hurricane, half the town was flattened. The day the storm hit, my old boss and I drove back to the station I was working at and managed to get back on the air. I had people come up and tell me we helped them get through the storm.”

When it comes to how radio has changed, Alexander thinks the advent of technology and the Internet is benefiting the industry. “With the interest, there’s so much access to information. The interaction you get with the Internet is a great thing and gives people the opportunity to enjoy radio more,” he says.

Alexander has some interesting passions outside of the studio as well. “I have a second career,” he says. “For the last 27 years, I’ve been a ring announcer for boxing and mixed martial arts.” Growing up as a boxing fan, Alexander was at a local match when he noticed the ring announcer looked like he didn’t know what he was doing. “I had a little voice in my head telling me I could do what he was doing. I approached a promoter and bugged him till I got my foot in the door and haven’t looked back.” Since that first match, Alexander has covered shows both locally and internationally and has had the opportunity to cover matches for boxers like Evander Holyfield. “I love being around fighters. It’s really cool to be around these guys and I’ve met a lot of my boyhood idols.”

If Alexander could interview any U.S. President, he says it would be JFK. “His assassination was a giant moment in my life. It happened the year I was born. I would love to know what his future goals for the country would be and what he would have wanted his legacy to be.”  Had he not gotten a job in radio, Alexander thinks he would have been a school counselor. “I pride myself on being a good listener, and so many times in life we just need someone to listen to us.”

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