Do you feel like you have good control over your time? Do you get done what you set out to do each day? The Greater Bethesda Chevy Chase Chamber of Commerce’s NextExec Group hosted a lunch & learn on Thursday, March 24 that focused on time management. Angie Segal from Action Coach gave attendees important tips on how to manage our time and workload, and have the most success.

  • Time is our only asset we can’t replenish: Time management should really be thought of as “self-management.”
  • Three main areas of time mastery:
    • Self-mastery – Realize that done is better than perfect. Yes, the task should be done well, but it may never be ‘perfect.’
    • Planning mastery – Really successful people plan their time. A good plan is a simple plan.
    • Delegation mastery ­– Figure out what you should not be doing.
  • Create a must-do list: It is important to make a list each day of what you MUST get done the next day. This is different than a to-do list. It is important to note that these should be action items you need to take to finish a task – not the finished task itself. In other words, don’t put the end result on your to-do list, but the steps you need to take to move towards that end result.

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