It’s nearly impossible to turn on the news and not hear talk about politics. It comes with the territory of an election year, and this year is certainly no different. With the candidates debating and elections happening regularly across the country, we’re consuming a lot of political news, and News/Talk radio is one outlet providing that to us. According to a recent Nielsen article, “Election-mania has pushed News/Talk to new highs. This format is nearly in double-digit listener share territory – a level it hasn’t been since the last Presidential election in 2012.” With several months left till the general election, Nielsen predicts that News/Talk radio will remain a political powerhouse on the radio dial.

Similarly, the listening share of other radio formats tends to follow what’s trending. For example, after the Super Bowl, and subsequently football season, were over, Nielsen says that All Sports stations experienced a drop in listenership. Comparing the numbers from February 2015 to this February, the company says, “Listener share for adults aged 18-34 dropped from 3.4% to 3%.” Looking ahead, as baseball season starts and hockey and basketball move into their respective post-seasons, “sports radio usually begins to trend upwards through the spring and the rest of the year.”

As the year – and political season – continues, it will be interesting to see which radio formats dominate the airwaves.

Stay tuned…

Courtesy of Nielsen

Courtesy of Nielsen


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