When he was a kid, KTAR-FM’s Jeremy Foster use to pretend he was commentating on baseball games, so it’s natural that his first job in broadcasting was in sports. “I was at a crossroads in jercarcollege trying to decide what my major should be. My aunt knew a sportscaster at a TV station in Houston, and she said she could help me get an internship there. Then, three months after college, I got a part-time job at a radio station that paid seven dollars an hour.” Now, in his current role, Foster mainly focuses on news. Though he loves sports radio, Foster says in the last year he’s really been enjoying coordinating the morning drive news show, reporting and anchoring newscasts.  “With the election, there something new every day. There’s always something in the news cycle.”

When it comes to how radio will change over the next few years, Foster thinks an online presence is key. “Those stations who don’t have a strong online presence in the next few years will be in trouble. Stations need to have some sort of social media presence.” For his own social media usage, Foster says it’s mainly Twitter. “We use Tweet Deck to look for breaking news. I always have social media open during my shifts. Mostly it’s Twitter right now, but slowly that will turn to Facebook.”

Though originally from Houston, one of the things Foster likes best about living in Phoenix is the climate and the desert landscape. “I like the dry heat and I like that we get sunshine 300 days of the year.” When he’s not on the air, Foster enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and is also trying to work toward achieving his goal of learning to fly an airplane. If he had the opportunity to switch places with a celebrity for a day, Foster says it would be someone like Guy Fieri from the Travel Channel and Food Network. “I love travel and food places.” As an avid reader of the Bible, one of Foster’s dream destinations is Israel. “I have Jewish background, and I want to see the people and things that I’ve read about.”

Over his career, one of Foster’s most memorable interviews was speaking with his childhood idol, former Houston Rockets player Hakeem Olajuwon. “I’d been in the business for just over a year, I went to do a short interview with him and we ended up talking for 20 minutes.” If Foster could interview any U.S. president, he says it would be Lincoln. “He ran for office several times and got beat so many times, and kept getting up and trying. He wasn’t defined by his failure.” When it comes to giving advice to young journalists, Foster says it is important to “be passionate and flexible. I never thought I would work outside of sports radio, now I’m in news and trying to learn social media.”

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